About Us

First of its kind in Singapore, Connect with Dr Lowly is an interactive health talkshow hosted by Dr Low Lee Yong, CEO and founder of MHC Asia Group. We invite guest speakers to speak and share on various health issues.

Connect with Dr Lowly – Connecting with the Community to touch lives. A initiative to increase public awareness for health issues.



Dr. Low Lee Yong is a medical doctor and the founder and CEO of MHC Asia group. A firm believer in using technology to simplify healthcare processing, he has to date, formed a network of more than 1,200 clinics in Singapore and 550 clinics in Malaysia. He has won many awards such as the International Management Action Award 2013, the prestigious Asia’s Best Brand Award & Outstanding Leadership Award 2012 and Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Award. A much sought-after speaker, Dr. Low continues to motivate many through his dynamic health and motivational talks.






Author of “I Dare To Dream”

A true story detailing the obstacles and challenges one man had to go thorough before realizing his dream as a doctor. Belittled by teachers and looked down upon because of his background and poor command of English, Lee Yong was deemed as a no-hope kid. Among his struggles to achieving success later, Lee Yong suffered severe giddy spells and went through several riveting episodes of betrayal. But with an unrivaled tenacity and a belief that he could do it, he went on and beyond, proving the naysayers wrong. This book is written in hope of inspiring anyone who has a a dream to pursue it. Against all odds, to always pitch one’s best shot. To never give up for life is what one makes out of it.